Industrial Ethernet

Product Description

Industrial Ethernet has many technical advantages:

  • Transmission of real-time and IT data via a common medium
  • Virtually unlimited number of participants and network expansion
  • Flexible topologies which can easily be scaled and expanded
  • Quick transmission even of extremely large data volumes
  • Integration of web servers and IoT interfaces such as OPC UA within the device
  • Simple access to field level device data without proprietary gateways
  • Reliable in operation, no complex termination, simple maintenance
  • Future proof

Product Spesification

Design features
      • Communication according to IEEE 802.3 standard
      • Ethernet switches coordinate data transmission and avoid collisions on the cable
      • Point-to-point connection between switches
      • Simultaneous communication into both send and receive direction
      • Field devices with integral switch function allow line and ring topologies on field level
      • 100 m cable length between network participants for twisted-pair wire connections
      • Hybrid networks with different transmission systems (FO cables, Wifi...)