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Rotary actuators 2SA7

Rotary actuators 2SA7 with integrated frequency converter adjustable: tripping torque and output speed

Procontrol Pneumatic Actuators LPS – LPD

OPTIMAL MAXIMUM PRESSURE RATINGS. PROCONTROL Linear Pneumatic Actuators Lps-LPD series have optimal maximum pressure ratings which allow for a high range of output forces.

Procontrol Pneumatic Actuators SPS – SPD Series

CONSTANT PRESSURES & HIGH CYCLE CONTINUOUS USE. Regardless of how excessive the use of the application is, PROCONTROL Quarter-Turn Pneumatic Actuator Sps-SPD series can sustain

Explosion-proof versions AC

Explosion-proof devices must be used in plants where potentially explosive atmospheres are likely to occur. These devices are designed so that they will not act


AC controls are your perfect solution if the application requires self-adapting control functions, data logging, confi gurable interface or if valve and actuator are to

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet has many technical advantages: Transmission of real-time and IT data via a common medium Virtually unlimited number of participants and network expansion Flexible


Many different fieldbus systems are available on the market. Certain preferences have evolved on a regional level or specific to certain plant applications. Since AUMA

WSH limit switching device

Valve operation via handwheel Signalling of valve end positions Weatherproof and explosion-proof version Mechanical position indication of valve position Option: Position transmitter to signal the